Monday, June 23, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.95- Center Nova

Hey everybody, it's update-time-EPCOT-time! Let's get on with it, if we're planning too!


-Crowds and weather both mild!

-Journey cover band at Sounds Like Summer was awesome to the max.

-So much stuff at Energy needs fixing. So much.

-NewTestTrack is still so good, but TruckLasers weren't working.

-You can watch the World Cup Thingie at the Odyssey if that's your GOOOOOOOOAAAALLLLL

-Impressions De Fronce is still just the best!

-If you follow my tweetings, then you may remember my posts about "Hako Vision", which is a little box with a Pepper's Ghost effect using  projection mapping that you get by scanning a QR code on the side. It turns your phone into a projection mapping, Pepper's Ghost Gundam show and is like the best! Well now they have them at Japan pavilion! Go, go buy them!

-Great new Soarin' merch at Soarin'

-Fun things are fun!

OK, that's all for this and that, now on to the pictures!


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