Wednesday, June 18, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.94- Gem and the Holograms

Hey everybody and welcome to another Update! As always, we start with the words and whatnot!


-Weather hot, crowds medium.

-Star Wars Weekends! Organized pretty well this year from what I could tell, though the merch was better in the tent than the soundstage. Met Steve Blum, the voice actor of Spike Spiegel which was amazing!

-Student film groups were filming on the Streets of America which was interesting!

-Also they were filming Rebels B-Roll.


-Crowds medium, weather was night. Night weather.

-Fastpass still working alright, came in around 8 and got Fastpasses for Mansion at 9 and Big Thunder at 10:45-11:45.

-Astro Orbiter is Astro-gone.

-Mine Train! Really fun. Got two rides in, and best of all two people jumped out of our car at load on the second ride, so we got to just really get it swinging side to side (yo) which was alot of fun. My only gripe is the interactive portions of the queue, which are nice but feel like an inescapable playground. The outdoor queue is really nice though, so there's that. It ain't no 20K, but I guess it's my favorite thing in the whole expansion.

-Got to ride Mine Train twice, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Big Thunder, Pooh, and Mad Tea Party twice. Nine rides in two hours, whichisnotbadifIdosaymyself!

-Oh, nice things are nice

-No flash pictures in the mine thankfully, but one or two people drinking from the musical thing. THERE'S A DRINKING FOUNTAIN RIGHT NEXT TO IT!@   -   @

-Peoplemover is under rehab. Meh.

-For fun.

OK, that's about all, except for the rest of it!


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