EpcotServo's Updates is the ongoing adventures of the travels aboard the theme parks of Spaceship Earth. 200 Updates later, the answer to life, theme parks, the universe, and everything is still yet to be found...

The last hundred updates and more can be seen here.


1.1-Photo Update
1.2-Filming Nemo
1.3-Pirates & Princesses, Oh My!
1.5-Accident Prone
1.6-Laugh Floor Preview
1.7-Turtle Talk 2: Wrath of Khan
1.8-No Sub Testing
1.9-Name Changed
1.10-Yes, we have no Fiesta
1.11-El Rio Del Gran Fiesta, To Go
1.12-Castle Sweet
1.13-Mania Madness
1.14-Post Show Tomorrow
1.15-Return of the Weekend
1.16-Too much for a Tagline
1.17-Better late than never
1.18-Le Update-atoullie
1.19-Mirror, Mirror
1.20-The Two Towers
1.21-Insert Wand Pun Here
1.22-No More Stars
1.23-No, Canada
1.24-No Wand after Labor Day
1.25-Spirited Away
1.26-Artsy Pictures
1.27-The 21st Century Begins Again
1.28-The Road to Disneyland
1.29-California Adventures
1.30-Around the World in 80 Updates
1.31-Disneyland, USA
1.32-Around Epcot Center
1.33-MGM and more MGM
1.34-Escape from LA
1.35-Spectacles of Lights
1.36-I Yak, therefore I Yeti
1.37-It's beginning to look a lot like Emryville
1.38-No Spaceship Earth Review
1.39-The Final Update of 2007
1.40-Another year, Another Update
1.41-What's in a Name
1.42-No Country for Old Updates
1.43-Stu Stu Studios
1.45-Updating Universal
1.46-Your Face
1.47-Words & Pictures
1.48-Crazed Mob breaks Rides
1.49-Block Party Bashing
1.51-Block Party Bash calls AAA
1.52-Kingdom Krowds
1.53-Cold Pictures
1.54-Safaribration 10
1.55-Mini MGM Mania
1.56-Mother's Day Mania
1.57-Morning Midway
1.58-Open Mania
1.59-Weekend Warriors
1.60-Mini MGM Update
1.61-Overcast Sunset
1.62-Independence Day (Almost)
1.63-The Park Night
1.64-Kingdom Come
1.65-New Camera Meets World
1.66-Burn After Riding
1.67-Someday at the Studios
1.68-Nautazu Review
1.69-You & Me, plus the Camera makes 3
1.70-Park Walking
1.71-Not Disney
1.72-Speak softly, and carry a big Camera
1.74-Night Updating
1.76-Epcot Soup for the Soul
1.77-Idolocalypse Now
1.78-Ah, See the Moon
1.79-Throw me the Idol
1.80-Friday Flashback
1.81-Celebrate Already
1.82-Centerville, USA
1.84-These are your Friends Now
1.85-Night Rider
1.86-Sayonara Space Sensei
1.87-Lost Horizon
1.88-Twenty Something
1.89-Observe & Report
1.90-Epcot Park Rhapsody
1.91-Land of the Lost
1.92-Alternate Universe
1.93-I Love Lamp
1.94-Sight President
1.95-Gimme Shelter
1.96-Endless Eight
1.97-Strangers on this Road
1.98-Inglorious Passholders
1.99-The Scenery's Forever
#100- Ask DNA


2.1-Get Back
2.2-Remember Remember the Fifth of November
2.3-Three is a Magic Number
2.4-Up in the Air
2.5-The Sound of Walking in Winter
2.6-Ten in 2010
2.7-Pirates of the Tres Bien
2.8-Iron May 2
2.9-Summer Wars
2.10-EO, No you Didn't!
2.11-Streets Ahead
2.12-Endless 8
2.13-Adventure Time
2.14-Everything Cool in 30 Hours or Less
2.15-Disneyland After Dark
2.16-Worlds of Color
2.17-Monday Monday Monday
2.18-Raiders of the Lost Vault Disney
2.19-Starway to Heaven
2.20-Get Him to the Geek
2.21-Return to Studios
2.22-Hetalia World Showcase Powers
2.23-An EPCOT by Any Other Name
2.24-The Magic, The Memories, The Goings-ons
2.25-Forever February
2.26-Universal Century
2.27-Close Encounters of the Third Visit
2.28-This Islands Earth
2.30-Live and Let Ride
2.31-The Startoursica Opens
2.32-Do Androids dream of Electric SSE?
2.33-It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Wizarding World (Part 2)
2.34-Universal Afternoon Samba
2.36-E N D L E S S 8
2.37-Studios; Gate
2.38-The Adventure Complex
2.39-It's Only a Preview!
2.40-Separate Ways
2.41-Fate/Stay Day
2.42-Like Love
2.43-Fantastic Voyage
2.44-The Update Holiday Special
2.46-And Your Park is Themed
2.47-Cardcaptor Sakura
2.48-A Bridge to the Cloudy Skies
2.49-Uni Pressure
2.50-Wild Thing
2.51-Planet of the Spidermen
2.52-Little Busters
2.55-Make Mine Minion
2.57-Solid Summer Society
2.58-The Power of Three Parks
2.59-21st Century Boys
2.60-The Geosphere to Be Here
2.61-Ride Art Online
2.62-Transformers, Maybe?
2.63-Cloudy Kingdom Atlas
2.64-Announce and Rollout
2.65-The Living Daylights Savings Time
2.66-Attack The Block
2.67-Spectacle Session
2.68-Pushing The Sky
2.69-The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
2.70-There and Update Again...
2.71-A New Day (And IOA)
2.72-Everything's Coming Up EPCOT
2.73-My Funny Valentine
2.74-Night, Moon, Universal
2.75-Kingdom Crawl
2.76-World Showcase Waltz
2.77-Return of the FunGuy
2.78-Robot Rollout
2.79-Bigger, Badder, Botter
2.80-Space Brothers
2.81-Wild Horses
2.82- E N D L E S S   E I G H T
2.83-The Midnight Sun
2.84-The Epdays are Just Packed
2.85-Disneylanded Away
2.86-Geosphere Jazz
2.87-Always with Epcot
2.88-Log Horizon
2.89-Let It Snoap
2.90-Four For All
2.91-Black Lagoon
2.92-Shindig for Studios
2.93-Getter Robodragon Z
2.94-Gem and the Holograms
2.95-Center Nova
2.96-Central & Universal
2.97-Dragone with the Wind
2.98-Endless VIII
2.99-Park Runner
#200-Living Inside the Shell


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