Thursday, May 15, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.93- Getter RoboDragon Z

Hey everybody, It's UpdateTime again! Meaning this stuff! Read on!


-Crowds Crowded and Weather hot enough for you.

-Dwarvesorama Train Ride was in a weird "Invited Cast Members Only" preview which no ride in my entire histories have done. It's usually Unannounced After Hours Testing, Park Only cast but-we'll-let-you-in-if-you-work-at-another-park-anyway Preview, and then Cast and Soft Opening. Never had nor seen any that required a special permission slip and was turning away non-kingdom Cast Members despite running with barely any people. The slowness and seeming indifference towards getting this thing open versus promoting it with the Media is something that defies most ride I've ever opened and I've opened quite a few. Blergh.

-Also Universal closed Jaws.

-Fun things are still fun though.

-Pirates Mermaids seemed to be off totally. If you think you were seeing Mermaids and/or Sea Monsters, you may have been submerged too long.

-The hub-bub construction is weeeeirrrddd

-Parade! New parade was good. Much better. Thank you. How are you?

-No further boarding MEANS No further boarding

-As a personal aside, PLEASE see GODZILLA in a theater this weekend.

-Because, GODZILLA.


OK, that's about all! Enjoy the presentation on the ViewerScreen!


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