Monday, January 14, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.72-Everything's Coming Up EPCOT

Hey there everyone! Updatetime again, now the first Updatetime of the year from EPCOT! Click on, fellow internet people.


-Crowds low, Weather Fine

-EPCOT at full EPCOT power.

-Soarin' Walk-On in the morning! Straight to B-1! Sets the mood of the day.

-New Test Track still freaking fantastic. Crowdflow worked exceptionally this time, straight from Design Room to Load, no crowding. Only things not working was one of the Hologram screens in the queue, 3/4ths of the Score sceens on the ride still not displaying your vehicles, and the onboard screen acting wonky as they usually do. In the postshow, all's working well. Only thing that needs to be added is the "take your picture with your design" stations, as they still don't let you choose your design.

-Seriously though, new Test Track is just fantastic.

-Mission Space. Still fun. Graphics/infinity screen looked clean and good. Force Feedback Joysticks a'Workin', buttons a'beepin!

-Maelstrom could really use some upgrades and new effects.

-Got to have linner at Teppan Edo. REALLY great. Fantastic cast, chief, and food!

-The Impressions De France digital restoration looks amazing, this has been said.

-But seriously, TWO people were taking FLASH pictures of Impressions De France. What. The. Why.

-The new bakery is open, looked crowded/popular.

-The IBM THINK exhibit in Innoventions opened, and is pretty cool. I missed the message statement film, so the content was a little fuzzy for me, but it's stated quite well and has plenty of cool EPCONTENT to enjoy. Realtalk: I spent most of my time frustratingly trying to put an icon in a basket in order to win a button. I will be back to win more buttons and learn more THINK-ey stuff.

-The Lava/Magma was missing from Universe of Energy, and the attacking Dinosaur static. Not good show.

-Whilst it was a tremendously EPCOT-spirited-day, It makes all the clearer for more original-intentioned shows in Imagination and Energy. Also I note, the general public seems to like songs again. We were a bit jaded with them in the 90's, but let's bring back the energy songs/Listen to the Land/Original songs.

-Seriously, great day.


OK, that's all for the words-now onwards to the Pictures!


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