Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.73- My Funny Valentine

Hey there everyone! Got some Valentine's day Studios for you, so let's get right too it!


-Crowds medium to crowded, weather overcast and drizzly

-The turnstyle-less entry look is creepy. It doesn't help they glow eerily.

-Got to see the second Jack Sparrow intro at Legend of said Captain Jack Sparrow, and it was pretty good. Have to say, still a pretty great little show.

-Midway Mania, Tower, Coaster, Star Tours, Muppets, all still great.

-New AFI exhibit is really shiny and worth checking out. Some really amazing stuff. 

-I was happy to see the Tower shop carrying cool Twilight Zone merch.

-Coaster's Guitar is under Guitarps


-The electronic ticker crawl at the Wreck-It-Ralph meet and greet is still brilliant. Stop by and read it sometime.

-Bizzare new things appearing in the Muppets pre show. Do not want.

-The show itself though was AMAZING...ALL EFFECTS WORKING. YES. Plus the side wall smoke effect when the theater blows up let off the most amazing amount of smoke I've ever seen, let alone for an effect that rarely works. Burning tires, Balcony arrows, EVERYTHING. It was great.

-Almost done

-Ok, it's done.

BUT wait! It's not done! Now on to the pictures!



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