Sunday, January 13, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.71-A New Day (And IOA)

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first Update of the year! Continue on, and I look forward to more updating in the year ahead. Thank you for reading and watching.  m(_ _)m


-Crowds were Medium to "Oi, what's all these people doing here!"

-Weather was hot. Why is it hot. Stop it. Please.

-Men In Black is still great, but it is showing it's need for a RehabTime.

-They were painting the Woody Woodpecker Nuthouse Coaster (yes) and the nuthouse (...) smelled quite foul.

-E.T. Homeworld Aliens voted "Most Worthy of Extermination" by the Dalek Intergalactic Readers' Poll

-Transformers is forming (HA!)

-Coaster Track at the HSBC Banking Thrill Ride Adventure is quite visible now.

-Zoom Zoom Zoom!

-The ROTM new entrance signage is really great!


-Suess Landing is looking quite painted.

-I wonder how many hundreds of parents take pictures of their children climbing on the big Griffon that says "DO NOT CLIMB" on it ever crop that out of the picture.

-Frozen Butterbeer still delicious

-Alot is spoken in high praise for Potterland, but the Locker Dungeons of Forbidden Journey is the worst area possibly ever designed in a Theme Park. It's frustration hellbox when one smoothly enters and exits it, let alone when it's bad.

-Forbidden Journey also felt a little laggy, more jarring than usual.


-Other stuff.

OK, that's about all for that-and enjoy all of this! Pictures, that is.


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