Sunday, December 9, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.70-There and Update Again...

HEY everybody and welcome to another giant Updatestuffs, and before I can get to the getting of it all, we just have to get to it!


-Weather good, Crowds s'alright

-Steam and both waterfalls working on Everest

-New Zebra finale on the safaris is nice, but not really a finale. Personally I'd like a narrative back.

-Merry DAKmas


-Weather good, crowds a bit more crowded-er

-Wreck It Ralph meet n' greet seems to be popular

-Fastpass Cubes and new Fastpass Greeter screens on and active

-I have to say, GMR and American Adventure are probably the best total showpieces WDI has ever done.

-New Star Tours still still great, got a great profile. Had a discussion on the MOST cannon ride profile and decided on Han, Podracing, Leia, and Death Star.

-Spectacle is Spectacular

-The turnstiles are gone at Muppets, now just EvilFastpassCubes and a new cheaper looking console.

-Muppets was looking great though, everything was working perfectly except for the burning tires. (Though the effect was on, there was an air pressure release just sans smoke)

-Jack Sparrow is still a really great little show, if you're looking to do it the best time seems to be the evening, during Fantasmic or near closing. Again, videos don't do the show justice, it's all about the loads of great details in the projections and the environment around you. Still not seen the alternate Jack show, every other show has a different part of the show featuring Jack.


-Weather Cloudy, Crowds Crowded to Crowded-er

-New Test Track is open, as as I said last Update it's AMAZING. All the effects were working, and after a delayed opening it was about an hour wait to the design room, and 20 minutes to design and board. The post show still has a few bugs here and there, but is up and running and a load of fun. I seriously love this rehab. It's everything TRON and EPCOT and wonderful. See it, enjoy it.

Speaking of seeing and enjoying-On to the pictures, and...


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