Sunday, December 2, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.69-The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

IT'S THE MOST...WONDERFULLLL TIMEEE OF THE YEAAARRRR! And Merry Holidays to you all, we got a short and sweet Kingdom stuff for you, so click on!


-OK, so you never really have to click on, just keep reading. Doesn't sound as cool, does it?

-Crowds were low, weather windy

-Parade Taping was fun. Of course, it's all your region.

-Peoplemover seemed to be a little bjorked, with a large gap and the trains at Load rushing up and bumping on to the next train with a jolt. Strange.

-They've made the Mermaids at Pirates show up on the right side of the flume a little more. It's still really cool, but I'm not sure if it was better when it projected less. But then again, there was one whole ride last time I didn't even see any, so it was needed. And is still really cool.

-Little Mermaid is still going fine

-It's a tiny world, it seems

-Finally saw Country Bears. Really didn't like. It's like the reader's digest version, there's just a whole lotta' charm and wit lost in those five minutes they edited out and the show doesn't hold up as well ironically, being the reverse effect as intended.

-BUT...AHolycrap, new Test Track is AWESOME.

-I mean, really, REALLY AWESOME.

-I hope to have pictures and further words on how fantastic it is, later.

-More then.


-Pictures now.

OK, that's about it for that-Continue onwards!

And ENJOY!^^

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