Saturday, November 17, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.68-Pushing the Sky

Heya everybodya, and welcome to YET another Update! This has been the biggest week of Updates ever, so click on and enjoy while the Updatin's good!


-Weather good, Crowds nominal

-The Food and Booze has ceased it's Festival-ing


-Test Track's work is startin' to come together from the outside, cycling nightly

-Japan Pavilion



-Weather coolish to warmish, Crowds getting Crowded-er

-PIRATES! So the show soft opened for the first time today for guests, and I enjoyed it immensely. Basically it takes the Narnia space which throughout the history of the Studios has usually consisted of no more than a set and a screen. Now the set and the screen have come together, and with a modest budget, the attraction is a worthy little D-Ticket show that won't date and is immensely cool for any Pirate fan. First of all, the Excommunicated Skull from our Pirates is the host of the show, and the entire preshow is a giant cool updated version of the talking skull spiel.

 There's been some comment on the voicework which is fair, but I love the talking skull because it sounds (and looks) like the blue-eyed skeleton robot, Geoff Peterson. Now the one gripe about voicework I would make is the Davy Jones sound alike not sounding too on-model.

 Now the star of the show is that the entire set is one giant lighting/projection piece, so what doesn't capture on video is all the details in the show because of that. (For instance, Jack pops the cap of a bottle with his teeth, and when he spits it out you see it hit the wall) The entire show is like that, and is kind of like a newage Circlevision film. The big picture is nice, but the details make it entertaining for all. The other thing I've heard online is the idea of the participation being stupid, but it really isn't. As someone who hates that kind of thing, it's not anything like that. It's more like applause queues, it just helps make the show a less passive experience.

 Now the actual Jack Sparrow is incredible, and worth a visit for alone. Imagine the queue projections at Forbidden Journey, but the lead of the show with a MUCH better setup and even MORE realistic.(For instance, Jack Sparrow actually has a shadow, a new trick for this using technique.)

Sorry, I've got away a bit. I really like Studios and Pirates, and hated Narnia, so I'm very pleased my prediction of the building sitting empty was turned into something really quite cool. Also neat thing I learned: Pretty much most of the props are from the films. The candles, the Aztec chest, The corset, and pretty much everything else. It's a change of pace from the usual Studios use of props under glass. There are none in the exit hall because they are all used in the ride.  And the Black Pearl is the centerstage of the show, with water crashing over her bow. So that's about it, don't watch the videos, get there early, and enjoy it. It ain't no huge expansion, but it's a significant improvement over the space's usage for the last 20 years, and is a fun little show with a large amount of neat details and technology.

There's nothing to shill, There's nothing to foam, so There's also literally no reason to bitch about this. 

-Tower has an Apollo 13 rig to get the Oxygen from the Bell Tower into the Ride Capsule for the return to Earth.

-They've replaced all the blacklights in RNR and the ride is crazy bright.

-I think that's it

-Is that it?

-Oh yea, see Lincoln, Skyfall, and Wreck-It-Ralph while you're at it

-OK, that's it.

ALRIGHT, off of the words and on to the pictures!


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