Friday, November 2, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.64-Announce and Rollout

Hey there peoples of peopledom, it's time for more Update, so GLITCH: REBOOT!


-ANNOUNCEMENT! The announcement was pretty fantastic. Well teased in the evening by soundbites of a transmission interrupting the show announcements. It was pretty cool, and I love these one-day-only-had-to-be-there-events like this. I wish all parks would do it like this and announce to the PEOPLE of the park rather than beyond a closed off event-area. It should be for the peeps in the park as much as the media!

-I'm pretty excited for Transformers. I can understand an intense and rational apathy of aversion to the movies, but Transformers are pretty darn cool. They just are. Giant Robot Charter of 1862 says so. You should be excited for this.

-Cinematic Spectacular lasers are laseriffic and make the show even better

-Horror makeup show is a great little classic Universal gem to see every now and again.

-LoudSpinnyJumbotron, where did you go, and why is it quieter at CityWalk now?

-The walkaround Transformers will be worth your time as well.

-Wreck-It-Ralph is in theaters. GO SEE IT. You WILL enjoy. IMMENSELY.

-Crowds were light, Weather seasonably cool, Stars out at night, +/- Cloudy or bright 

-Universal, I'm happy for you, and ImmaLetYouFinish, but Firehouse Subs makes the BEST BROWNIES of ALL TIME.

-There are like SO many cranes you don't even know

-I forgot what I was talking about

-Oh yeah, Disney bought Star Wars was a thing happened

-Motorcycle was working again at Terminator since last I updated it was not. 

-Wait, what?

OK, That's about all for that. To THIS you boldly go!


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