Monday, October 29, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.63- Cloudy Kingdom Atlas

Greetings peoples. and welcome to an overdue Update with some Kingdom stuff you can click right on to.


-Crowds medium to light, overcast and windy, chance of Servo 10AM-3PM

-MOYMAIDS! The Mermaids have the Pirates of the Caribbean, and they are very cool. A great series of subtle effects and an overall spookier beach scene that works much better. Really, really like it.

-MOYMAIDS! Under the Sea is still solid with a pretty spectacular queue.

-MOYMAIDS! Wreck-It-Ralph has some merch in Emporium. Please to see it Nov.2nd, it's very excellent.

-MOYMAIDS! The CGI MansionGhosts are still just terrible.

-MOYMAIDS! Peoplemover is still movin' people.

OK, that's about all. Please click on!


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