Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.62- Transformers Maybe?

Tuturuuuu~and welcome to yet another installation in the ongoing Update Instrumentality Project. Let's NOT cut the chit-chat and continue onwards and Updatewards!


-There ain't not no such thing as Transformers, ain't no way, ain't no how! Go away!

-The giant show buildings and cranes can easily be described as Pelican farts reflecting a lighthouse off of swamp gas.

-After three rides I'd just like to log the actual Simulator portion of Despicable Me as the worst Simulator in Universal's lineage. (The entire show package is good, but as a standalone ridefilm I mean) The film has too straight forward a motion, and way too much Body Wars pitch forward/back motion. Having been on all of Universal's simulator types/Single shot ridefilms I'd just like to put that on record. 

-Men In Black could probably use some of that fancy ComCash(TM) to clean up the roof of the Load area, maybe the whole ride.

-I like seeing entertainment out, especially the animals they have. (But mostly the owl)


-They've changed the Fireplace Teleportaion effect in Forbidden Journey, instead of shifting Inception walls as before, it's now just a green floaty light that follows you. It's smoother and a little better really.

-Frozen Butterbeer is still the best HarryPotters anything

-It's nice to see some bits of Suess Landing and Port of Entry getting a good refresh

- =  ___ =zzzzzzz


-Oh yeah, the weather was spectacular and the crowds weren't half bad either.

OK, that's about it!



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