Monday, October 15, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.61- Ride Art Online

Hey there peoples! Let's switch to a new Update exploring new stuff, shall we? SWITCH!


-Crowds were crowded to "meh, s'alright"

-Weather was nice and warm, to just plain nice and lovely

-Fantasyland was new, and open.

-So ALOT of people have been comparing all this to Tokyo DisneySea, but after conferring amongst others I feel I agree with another conclusion-Whilst the quality is on par, it's nowhere near the scale or the content. It's just all rather small and either a great small ride or a restaurant or meet n' greet or something. The lead-up is great but there still really isn't all there much to do unlike a Carsland/Potterland. Now it might be different once the largest ride is done, but opening it without it as they are, it does detract from any kind of comparison to stuff like that. Because one side is amazing, but as soon as you exit that thing, you're looking at construction. It'll be great but the poor phasing of it all is a big detraction.

-The REAL star of the whole expansion, as it is with most of WDW, is our reliance on Fastpass meaning WDI gets money to do a lengthy and lavish Standby line you shouldn't technically have to wait in. But along with Everest and Midway Mania, this is one of WDW's star queues for sure in it's ambitious length and detail. And the best part for sure is the return of water, palm trees, rocks, and sand to the area.

-Speaking of which...I'd still take 20K thankyouveramuch

-But this is finally the not that bad thing to be the bad thing to replace 20K

-Also, and in a VERY rare case, and my most glowing compliment: Our ride is better than DCA's. Yes!

-I tried the TotallyNotButterbeer drink, and have to say it was alright, probably healthier, but still just frozen apple juice. Just TotallyNotButterbeer. And worst of all from a service standpoint in the COMPLETELY unreasonable pricepoint. Both are about $5, but whereas butterbeer was like a few dollars more for something that is THEME and gets you cheaper refills elesewhere, here it's a cool $10 for drink and cup and unlike Butterbeer the cups just look cheap and out of place. What the heck happened here, management? It's a pretty simple idea: Pricey specialty drink nobody needs, sell them all on it by offering a slightly cheaper souvenir that makes them feel at home in the land. The price point blows all of that, let alone really strange looking cups that seem not to really entice everyone as the Butterbeer does. This isn't a complaint, just a note on pricepoint you should've taken a cue from Universal if you wanted actual more monies, not just stealing an extra dollar or two from those who bite.

-Kingdom is the best at night.

-Big Thunder!

-Night Cruises!

-Finally got asked if I wanted bumped up to medium on SOTMK. Also, free cards are great. JUST LET ME REWORK THE GAMEEE ALREADDDYYY

-Pirates' cannon splash got me soaked. I've only been soaked on Pirates once in my life, and that was at Disneyland. And you are no Disneyland, sir. No Disneyland.

-That said, Pirates is great. No Moymaids yet

-Other stuff!


OK, that's about it. On to the pictures and I hope you ENJOY! ^^

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