Tuesday, October 2, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.60- The Geosphere To Be Here

Hello UpdateEpcotPals! Welcome to the big Epcot 30th funtime Update, and indeed-a funtime was had! Lots to get to-so get on to it!


-First of all, the infamous merch line that was like three hours. I honestly don't get what they were thinking here. The little shop under SSE was immediately mobbed with people buying any and all merch. And yet most locations only had paltry amounts of merch (But plenty of the day-only shirts) and Mousegear was just mobbed with only a light line area planned, while they scrambled to plan on the moment what to do with it. I heard several stories from the craziness inside but I don't understand why they underestimate the own thing they plan all this merch for. It wasn't planned BADLY, but I surmise the entire event like the 25th: Well planned, but not optimized to mobilize the fans correctly. No set locations for merch, no several lines feeding into the plentiful amounts of registers at MouseGear, events timed strangely, Open edition merch that sells out and isn't restocked. Again, not planned BADLY, just not planned out to correctly handle and and optimize all the people wanting to buy stuff. I mean I only wanted to get the Japan World Showcase shirt but because of them aback at MouseGear not being able to open, I had to search around everywhere. And now I hear they're gone entirely? Very weird.

-The panels were very great, espcially focusing on the people who actually helped build Epcot. I am too ditzy/lazy to say all the great stuff and amazing people/stories-but do read about them online if you can.

-The buttons were great, as were the maps-which the maps were widely available at the end of the night.

-Illuminations tag was amazing. ALL THE FIREWORKS.


-Crowds were medium to heavy.

-Weather was pretty to rainy

-I hated to see the ellen-attacking sea dinosaur stuck in one position.

-They played the classic music after illuminations, which was great.

-So overall I'd say it was better than the 25th in the amount and quality, and I did not attend the 40th which I heard was a mess. So overall better (With the exception of the awesome 25th gallery) but again, could have been optimized to mobilize fans better, and of course, should tell the people behind the scenes they need to start shaping up and get EPCOT on it's core principals again. And maybe splurge on a new Imagination ride I'd hope.

-OK, that's about all.

-On to the pictures!


Enjoy! ^^


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