Saturday, September 29, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.59- 21st Century Boys

Tuturuuu! Hello and hey there everybody, welcome to another Update thing! Let's thing it up:


-Crowds were mild, weather was mild, followed by hot, followed by rainy, followed by night.

-EPCOT Snack & Booze preview! As expected there were many foods and wine-type beverages being consumed merrily by people.

-I love the Epcot 30 windows at Mousegear and Art o' Disney.

-The Land's new Land-scaping that Update broke last...few...whenever it was, still looks great.

-Test Track is in the thing-converting process

-Mexico has a new lobby exhibit that's pretty well done. And it quotes El Rio!

-"Lalalala, lalalala, lalalalalaaaaaa"

-At Norway they're now showing the movie with the doors open letting people just walk through at all times. It's really distracting if you want to watch the show and kind of bad show I think.

-Reflections of China was a pretty great rehab of the film

-The Nextgen Posts are starting to appear suddenly and mysteriously everywhere like the black cubes from that Doctor Who episode.

-No matter where I serve thy guest, they seem to like mine kitchen best

OK, that's about it for some stuff. Now this stuff!

Enjoy! ^^

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