Thursday, September 13, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.58- The Power of Three Parks

Heya everyaaaaaBODY! Ready to Update not one, not two, but THREE parks? Well play a blues riff in B, watch me for the changes, and try to keep up.


-Crowds were light and weather good at all three parks! YES

-The new finale is shaping up at the Safaris, to be filled with Zebras soonish

-Can we get Countdown all the effects please?

-Both waterfalls at Everest working, no steam, and lots of trees cut to almost nothing. Do not approve.

-The five winds blow through the Animal Kingdom this day!



-Got to see the western show on GMR. This is good.

-Wreck it Ralph display at Animation. This is also good.

-RNR preshow is now digital. This was very good.

-Every attraction at Studios now has 3-4 Nextgen Pylons covered up. This was evil.


-No sign of Epcot 30 merch or anything anywhere.

-Strange new big thing blocks up Sea exterior. But they painted it blue anyways...sooooo

-Imagination is closing at 7 again.

-THE LAND! THE LANDSCAPE! They've re-landscaped the Land to mix 2005's natural look with a more trimmed and clean 1982 look. It really looks great. You can see the building, AND there's still trees! Really well done.

-EpcotServo's Updates are made possible by a genreous grant from those who purchase and browse my new EPCOT designs. Please do!

OK, that's about it.

Enjoy! ^ ^

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