Monday, November 5, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.65-The Living Daylights Savings Time

Hey peeps-und-peoples, and welcome to YET another Update! They just keep comin' along and I invite you to check em' all out. Let's go!


-Weather very nice, Crowds very crowded

-Epcot Evening: At Full Epcot

-Test Track's new canopy is in action

-They're also cycling said Test Track at night

-The Chew & Booze event brings in quite alot of people, many need to "keep thine shit together man"

-There's still a scattering of Epcot 30 pins and merch, including the Day-Of shirt.

-The World Showcase shirts are all still at the Villiage Outpost

-In the VoidScape ending of Spaceship Earth there was a very bright new star curtain. Not sure if new or just new light bulb.

-Whatever you think of the Spaceship Earth ending, I overheard a kid say something along the lines of "Our future was so funny"-Which gives an Epcotist the moral quandary of not thinking the future should be funny, and having kids actually have some measure of enjoyment when considering the future. Hmmm

-American Adventure is always so good

-Epcot, great park at night, or greatest park at night?

OK, that's about it. On to the galleryorama!


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