Tuesday, August 7, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.56: Endless ∞

Hello and everyone and welcome to a long overdue Update! Summer has been here and stinky, so let's get back to the parks!


-Crowds were mild to heavy. Heat was largely stinky.

-Monorails running incredibly bunked up as always. Beyond time for a new fleet.

-Country Bears is still fantastic

-Big Thunder Rehab is nice, though the rocks falling room still does nothing.

-Fastpass is being massively overbooked since enforcement and NextGen. The idea is to have the majority using Fastpass, so expect numbers to be adjusted and lines inflated as per the Fastpass-Humanity Instrumentality Project.


-Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom seems far less crazed and saw no lines for portals. Either demand is finally settling or it was too hot to stand around anywhere.

-Dumbo! So the new pager queue thing is interesting. You'll find my various thoughts via CaptionMind during the PictureSlides.


-Epcot crowds light to mild. Weather wonderful.

-Sunshine Seasons followed by Living with the Land always wonderful.

-The crazy gravity drum thing you'll remember in the 1982 books about Epcot has a new contemporary doppelganger!

-Everybody's working on the Test Track. (Everybody wants a new romance.)

-Illuminations Reflections of Earth is still so BEST. I really wish they'd upgrade the fountains and lasers. Upgrading is compulsory. 


OK, that about does it! On to what them there Picturemacallits!

ENJOY! (^ ^ )


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