Thursday, June 21, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.55- Make Mine Minon

 Hello and fare greetings fellow lifeforms! Got alot to get too, so let's ignore the weird greeting, acknowledge it didn't work, and move on!


-Minion Mayhem Passholder Preview! We got there about halfway through the extra morning riding session, and the wait was posted at 30. Was actually about 15-20 minutes. Not bad, but exactly the maximum amount of time I would wait for it. Bringing us too...

-What I thought. Well, it isn't bad. It's a new ride, and that's good. And I enjoyed it. However it's really kind of meh on most levels. While the added preshow is cool (and the best part of the ride content wise) it's a little awkweird because you spend most of your time in pre-shows building up to a vague experience which then happens to be basically a straightline runthrough of all of Universal's simulator and 3D gags.Unlike neutron there's no real plot or world-jumping that gives it an expansive feeling, or cool motion in 3 dimensions like Simpsons, and no overtly awesome vehicle or details like BTTF, and the characters aren't well known like Hanna Barbera. The ride is an improvement in show quality though, and kids will like it. I think it kind of sums it up with my group experience: A general feeling or approval and excitement, met with kind of flat enjoyment. Like it's just kind of alright. Now this is mixed in with about roughly the four only people who actually saw the movie having overtly forced laughter and DAWWWWSSS. (No, these aren't emotional moments. IT'S HARD TO BE MOVED WHEN YOU ARE SHOUTING AT ME!) And on the emotional front, personally I find Terminator 2: 3D to have a better emotional payoff. *Loving hug, and dramatic pose* I think the reasons for these things is all the choice of material. Sure Steve Carrel does a great voiceover, and minions are mildly funny but it really doesn't command attention beyond even just the movie trailer. It's just not the property. It's easy to see why those chose it though, because it's a weight watchers bar of mashed up Pixar tropes, and Universal has always been cold emotionally. Combined with the merch to be made, it was an easy choice. And hey, I have no better suggestion. (Other than the building and coaster should be where Potter is going and Jaws should still be standing.) But it's kind of like a robot reading a bed time story. It does a good job, and it's admirable, but it just isn't their jam. So the result is a ride I had no problems with, but yet have no real urge to do it again.

-Look forward too:

3D glasses humor.

4th-wall breaking "you're in a theme park" story

Good lighting and pre-show staging

-Also, the Team Member costume has goggles. GOGGLES! This is fantastic. 

-Soundstage 44 has been compromised

-Lockers. Oy

-There is indeed a new projector at ROTM, in the scarab room. Right now it's CRAZY bright and you can tell how outdated the graphics are, so I'd work on that.

-SpongeBob Storepants is great.

-Terminator 2:3D is always occasionally fun. Front row and that ending is the best!

OK, that's all for that. Now here's something we think you'll really like!

Enjoy! (^ ^ )

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