Monday, May 21, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.54- Spaced

Hello and howitgoes everyone, and welcome to a Star Wars Weekends Studios Updates! Lots to go to, so let's go to it already. LIGHTSPEEDOOOOO!


-Star Wars Weekends 2012! Overall, I have to say one of the best events since 2007. While it may not look like much has changed, there's a slew of great new spiels, amazing new merch to get, and is much better organized and streamlined than ever. The real hit for me was getting to walk into the merch area without a big line, and then have plenty of space inside to shop and walk around. The art gallery is a great idea and you can spend loads of time admiring all the art, plus there's even a sneak preview of upcoming merch again that's great. Combined with the atmosphere of people dressed up, and lots of discussing and enjoyment it almost felt like an actual convention. It was pretty great!

-Speaking of the merchandise, the standout for me is the Star Tours nametag. For $8.95, you get the great nametag with your name in Aurebush and your home planet. (I'm from Bespin, myself.)

-Crowds were mild to extreme, starting nice and slow and picking up to extreme by 11am.

-Fantasyland Model: "I'M HUGE!"

-Star Tours is still incredibly great. Not only a great regeneration of the first, but a more enjoyable, re-rideable, detailed, and overall fun new attraction can not be found here in Orlando at least. Sure, rides like Forbidden Journey are amazing, but a ride like Star Tours 2 is always incredibly fun without being jarring. It's just fantastic, and always a highlight of the day. Even just one sequence changed completely changes the feel of the ride. I can't recommend it enough. Also the queue has not been trashed, a year after opening. WHATTTT (Oh, and if you've been following the Universal Updates-I can now confirm the 3D is much better at Star Tours than it is at the new Spiderman. New spiderman's 3D is darker and has significantly much more pixelization than Star Tours. Probably just because of the larger size of the image, but still-it must be said. Star Tours is still the crispest, cleanest, and has the most depth I've ever seen in a 3D image.)

-Build a Droid. Do it. So much fun. The Astromech figure you build is not only great, the range of choices are really surprising. It's ahoot and ahalf, and a perfect Star Tours souvenir. Don't let the line fool you, either-it actually moves fairly fast and is worth it. Even more so after Star Wars Weekends when the line may be shorter. I expect the demand to always be big though, as this is a great idea. And who doesn't want their own droid?

-Introducing R5-V0: The Tom Servo Astromech. MST3K meets Star Wars.

-In a rare Muppet effect working, the steam effect when the Theater explodes was working on the right side of the theater. I haven't seen this in so long I forgot it was a thing.

-Words, etc.

OK, that's about all for now! On to the picture portion of the Tour!

Enjoy! \( ^  ^ )/

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