Wednesday, May 2, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.53- Universaltasmic!

Heya everybody and welcome to yet another Updatearama! Let's skip the beat and click on, shall we?


-Crowds were amazingly, wonderfully low.

-New Spiderman is still well done, but after 3 rides I've decided I really don't like the new pacing and music. The new pacing especially, because now it feels slower and less real. It gives you too much time to be aware you are looking at screens. It isn't bad, I just don't think it really made the ride any better, if anything a step back.

-They've added a million signs and strict enforcement to keep the 3D glasses. You can tell they're a bit more protective of them, because of the Star Tours-glasses-level cost that Disney must absorb easier.

-The face capture effect in Forbidden Journey has been missing for quite a long time now.

-It was an insanely nice day.

-So, Universal's Cinematic Spectacular preview: It was really good! I loved it. Lots of great movies and the fountains and fireworks were indeed spectacular. If I had any complaints it would be they could've gone even longer and more high-concept. Instead of keeping it into short genres, make it a broad tapestry with whole segments devoted to single movies or songs. Also unlike World of Color, don't expect much interaction with the fountains. They really don't interact or blend with the action on-waterscreen. They're just kind of a separate element that drives the show. Other than that, it really is a fun show for movie fans and worth seeing this summer. It'll certainly last longer than 360 seeing as how it's basically an improved version of that show. All in all, In terms of where It'd fall in top Nighttime shows, it isn't in the caliber of World of Color, Illuminations (Though it needs the step up in technology this show offers), or Remember, but is on par with Wishes and such: The perfect and highly entertaining night show for this park. I can't wait to see it some more!

OK, that's about it. On to the picturetopia!

ENJOY! (^  ^  )

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