Sunday, September 2, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.57- Solid Summer Society

Hey everyone! Time now for another Update, and even more stuff! Let's get right to the stuff.


-Crowds were light. Yay to the end of Summer!

-I still think the pacing of the new Spiderman really takes it down a notch. Plus now in the backrow you can actually see the scoop behind or in front of you, which used to be impossible. The new timing just misses the beats that the original hit so well.

-They've also gone to Police-State measures regarding glasses at Spiderman. You can neither pick up or drop off glasses on your own, they must be handed to or from you as in olden days. NO TOUCHING! No touching.

-I noticed some water effects in Toon Lagoon operating again for the first time in awhile.

-The face capture effect in Forbidden Journey is operating again, IN COLOR.

-There is loads of construction work going on in Universal I won't have many pictures of. I'm an Update, what did you expect?

-Despicable Me was a rare 10 minute wait and decided to ride again. The second time really solidified my opinion that it's a well done ride based on something that shouldn't have a ride. It just falls flat. Neither really funny nor heartwarming. Once again, there seemed to only be tepid reaction. And the Ride Film just doesn't simulator that well. It's all either too straightline action or too much 3D movement leaving you woozy. It's not bad, but as an avid Universal Simulator Fan I don't think it's one of their best. Should have waited and built a Paranorman Dark Ride. (Go see Paranorman by the way, it's excellent!)

-Mummy Sets fire to your brain, watches it burn as it touches your face

-Men In Black Alien Attack is still awesome

-Also really enjoyed second viewing of Cinematic Spectacular. Great show! I did find the double image projection really strange on the first barge, it seems to be clearer on the second and third.


OK, that's about all. On to the pictures that will forever convince you, that the truly in, my pants!

Enjoy! ^ ^

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