Monday, February 27, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.49- Uni Pressure

 Hello everyone! It's that time of Update once again, so let's go over live to our Update corespondent, me! Take it away, me!


-Minigolf looks nearly Minidone

-Crowds were medium to heavy.

-Got stuck on Forbidden Journey for the first time, of course on the back and nearly upsidedown. Yeah, while calling 911 is crazy, being stuck there for even just a minute is pretty bad.

-Face capture is still broken/missing on Forbidden Journey. Been gone awhile now.

-Spiderman is closed, and the rehab wall features silly wordings.

-USF has Universal 100 signs on some lamps.

-Did not get unnecessarily sprayed with water while riding The Simpsons. In Universal of course, this only means it was broken, not that there was no need to be sprayed with water.

-And speaking of water, I think they should really start promoting their lagoon show. There's absolutely no signs or coverage of it inside the park. To most guests, it just looks like event setup and they pay it no mind. Why not put up a sign or something? They did this for World of Color, let alone video blogs and updates. Seems kind of a waste.

-Oh, and Despicable Me Ride is a thing that's happening I guess.

-The Citywalk Coke Music Centrifuge is sadly covered up. May never see the silly spinny screen again.

-Fun things were fun!

OK, that's about all! Except that's not all, there's pictures!

( ^ ^ )

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