Monday, March 5, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.50- Wild Thing

Hellooooooooo everybody! Time for a big Update proper! Loads of pictures to get too, so let's get to those! Now, that is!


-Safari was great, many manimals out and about.

-Everest was working pretty great, both waterfalls working and steam as well. Heard many "That was the best ride I've ever been on", which I've only heard from Indy, Forbidden Journey, and Everest. (And I'm sure Journey to the Center of the Earth, in Japanese.)

-I don't care what anyone says, Animal Kingdom is a fantastic theme park. It's got the amazing Safari, the trails which are the *BEST* Animal encounter attractions ever, Expedition Everest-As mentioned above- one of the best thrill rides in the world, it's got Nemo-An incredible Broadway quality show. Could it use a few dark rides, sure-but it's got Countdown and a great water ride and 3-D show. And even better is the most fantastic engineering feat of blending nature and landscapes in harmony with some of the best thematic environments ever made in a Theme Park. AND it has ideals and vision like Epcot. None of this new, but walking in and being able to do those 3 in just a couple hours reminds me of why I still love Animal Kingdom, not even counting all the reasons I HAVE loved Animal Kingdom.


-Sorcerers has gotten even more popular since last Update. They've also started wrapping in the cards in booster pack style, and randomized the packs. (So instead of getting 1, 2, 3,4 in a pack, you'll get 2, 47, 31, 20, etc.) Also the training screens in the firehouse were gone for some reason. They reset the system and I guess they won't let you skip to medium unless you beat all 11 missions on easy. Which is pointless, since I don't have much interest in doing the same missions over and over again. They need to train Cast to simply ask. Otherwise, including the fact you can power up cards by using them repeatedly,  this will just turn into Grinding: The Ride. People in line merely to do the same thing over and over again to level up. Most people however aren't as interested in the attraction as they are the cards. Which is what I said on Day one: FOCUS ON THE TRADING CARD GAME! TELL people the rules. MAKE a game they can play on a tabletop. SELL them the boosters. Make the attraction a pleasant bonus and way to get people into playing the game. If they're all lined up to buy booster packs and trial decks, it's less people in line waiting to repeat missions over and over. The cards are what everybody loves here.

-The waterfall effect is back at Pirates, but is sadly still an incredibly blurry unintelligible Blackbeard. Bring back Davy Jones ASAP.

-Hat Pirate had Hats.

-The castle wall seems tiny.

-Does it seem tiny?

-I dunno', I think it seems tiny.


-That's it!

OK, on to the pictures!

Enjoy! (^  ^  )

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