Sunday, February 5, 2012

EpcotServo's Updates #2.48- A Bridge to the Cloudy Skies

 Hello and much greetings, and welcome to the time of Update! Not much to get too, so let's get too it before it gets away.


-Crowds and Weather were neutral

-The face capture on Forbidden Journey hasn't worked in awhile

-Spiderman did not get all messed up this time (*See previous Updates)

-ALL the projectors except for the domes are now digital of some sort.

-Poseidon's Fury is still such a silly show with a bunch of amazing things in it.

-The Water Vortex is still incredibly amazing/scary in that you still imagine it failing and soaking you with icky lake water.

-Our guide in the show sounded like Elder Price from the Book of Mormon


-The Mini Golf thing is starting to get landscaping and such.

-The comic book shop in Super Hero Island has a Captain America guitar.

-Another thing I forgot

OK, that's about it! On to the pictures!

\(^ ^ )/

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