Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.36- E N D L E S S 8

Hey there everyone! Got some Universal Updates to Update, so let's do that thing I just said.


-Very not crowded. Mild, even.

-Dueling Dragons was very not dueling, just as they said it would.

-Crowds were so low Potterland was on full show, with the doors of the Hog's Head closed, back exit of the candy shop closed, no shop lines except for the wand show, and even barstools at the bar.

-At the main IOA store they have the 1 year Potterland Anniversary pin, ask for it by name.

-Still two or three leaping mummies not leaping.

-Everything else at Mummy was working great.

-Construction for Neutron 2.0 has signage and graphics now.

-For some reason there is a bunch of NBC emmys on display. (Synergy)

-Mogami River

OK, that's about it...on to the pictures!

(^ ^ )


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