Sunday, September 25, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.37- Studios; Gate

Hey there everybody! Been a longtime since we've done a Disney Update, so get ready for just that. Minus the long time, and more like right now. Servo, Go!


-Crowds were mild. Not bad at all.

-The picture-in-the-eye thing is working great at Tower.

-Muppets is already in dire straights, and is in really bad shape. Lighting yellow, Curtains not functional, and worst of all Penguins stayed raised the entire time, even during show load-in and out. (In olden days, this would mean the show would not operate. They really don't care for show any more, so it doesn't.)

-Please fix Muppets

-The Phineas and Ferb Meet and Greet is the ugliest thing ever added to Studios, including large blue hats.

-They've made the gate signs in Star Tours load blink, I believe to indicate which gates are not fully loaded yet. Another stop-gap measure to look like they can, in any way, effect the hourly capacity? Probably. But they are blink-ey lights now in any case.

-They've also added a Dolby 3-D sign at Unload, I believe probably so Dolby cuts them a deal on the shiny glasses.

-Star Tours is still awesome, especially the Death Star Ending.


-Crowds, again Mild.

-Soarin' is still really cool, though the games have really messed up the Great Hall.

-Yakitori house under heavy walls. Sad, really.

-Japan is really increasing great Ghibli and Anime merchandise, also they have some Durarara! shirts and playing cards now.

-Since when did they make the pre-Illuminations Music Alternative? (As in an Alternative to Good.)

-EPCOT is awesome.

-That is all.

OK, that's all. On to the pictures!

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