Wednesday, August 24, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.35 - 42

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-very hot and very crowded, very hot and crowded, even.

-Everest was running 4 trains on the 5 train system...still scary/bad show.

-But, after exactly WAYYYYY too long, Waterfall B is working again! Yay!

-They're finally selling the shirts from Tashi's Trek and Tongba shop, embroidered "Serka Zong" with the mystic eyes, in orange and red- as well as "Anandapur" with a square seal in blue and light tan. Pricey at $34, with black Expedition Everest on sleeve. Very cool.


-Hot, Crowded, Rainy! (The Troublesome Trinity)

-Enchanted Tiki Room! Kind of a mixed bag...Liked the pre-show, the return of the classic, and the lack of shrill songs and gimmicks. Kids seemed to like it more than UNM, as there was even applause and clapping along. Dislikes were definitely the severe cutting down of an already cut-down show, and the lack of Enchanted Fountain. On their own, one would be fine, but both of them makes it a big minus. Really the biggest highlight, and positive is the lack of Under New Management. I always knew it was bad, but never realized just how much it was ruining the whole attraction...I mean, it was packed, and people were enjoying it way more.

-Pirates! Blackbeard sucks. It's awful. Mumbly blurry lovejoy. Bring back Davy's awesome face and most importantly, the fantastic voice of BILL NIGHY! Also, Hat Pirate is missing his hats again.

-Angular Kids! The new Mansion queue is still awful. At the splitoff everyone is confused...And the only way cast members can describe is "It's kind of an interactive thing". Seriously. Mansion Butlers and Maids using the word interactive...And if that isn't bad enough, the hitch-hiking ghosts are gone and all that's there is a screen. (Seriously, the projector seams are awful, how can they not be calibrated to be seamless?) For a wonderful brief time we had the best Mansion in the world. Now, we have the worst. Sad, really.

-Fantasyland! Is filled with dirt and construction and stuff. Dumbo's building and tent is really coming along, it's pretty much fully built, just needs to be sealed up and Dumbothings built.

-Shopping! Emporium had some Tronorails, and so did Once upon a Toy. I'm sure other stores have them too, limited quantities though. They only have like 8 or so out on shelves there, and only 3 at Kingdom...My guess is they don't have that many and just restock them at the end of the day.

-Peoplemover! I like riding it!

-That's all!

OK, that's about it, on to the pictures!

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