Saturday, July 30, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.34- Universal Afternoon Samba

Hey there everyone! It's a like fine-update time, so click on cheese pine! (Cheese pine?)


-Crowds were mild.

-ROTM, MIB, JAWS, etc....all still awesome.

-Treasure Room Update! Two out of three pop-up warriors are still not jumping out. Falling wall was working though.

-I've noticed this the last few times, but the dropping scarabs have not been dropping lately, and the projectors in the scarab room have been are getting washed out like the treasure room one...It doesn't look bad, but the result is that you still see the room when descending backwards.

-Team Members are still on the whole waaaayyyyyyyy better than they used to be. Keep it up!

-The "Wire-chomping" Shark was a no-show. Not surprising though since it just reopened from a short rehab a few days ago. Also the really great Skipper made up for it by using the grenade launcher to mimic the movie's ending. Well done!

-JAWS at night is also really cool! Never done it before. If only the flame wall still went up!

-Same as it ever was.

-Potterland and IOA is great and all...But Universal Studios needs more credit for being a great park!

OK, that's about it, except for the rest of it!

(^ ^ )/

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