Saturday, July 16, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.33- It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Wizarding World (Part 2)

Hey there everyone! Time for another Update, and if you think I'd be like the rest of the world and try and cash in on the Harry Potter craze...You're absolutely right! Click on, ye magic wizardy persons, and deposit yon credit card numbers in the enchanted comments!


-No pictures due to rain. It was pouring for hours...But if you fought through it, no lines at anything! Walked right on MIB and Mummy!

-Construction for the Putt Putt Golfing is ongoing, and starting to go vertical.

-Do putt putt golf courses go vertical?

-T2:3D is still awesome, hilarious, hokey, and amazing all at the same time. It's that slice of stunning yet stinky cheese that assaults the senses that makes me love Universal! Potterland may make them think they're all sophisticated now, but I know Universal...Still making absurdly technical attractions that spray water on you for no good reason. Go see it again to remind yourself of what Universal does best!


-Potterland is awesome after it rains. AND Forbidden Journey was hardly a 15 minute wait!

-The projections in Three Broomsticks may have been off or broken, I didn't notice any.

-The Floo Powder smell was working, and smelly!

-I finally felt the part where your feet can sometimes be hit by a wall swerving into the Whomping Willow scene. A ride where you can unintentionally feel the scenery. INSANE AND AWESOME

-In the Common Room right before Merge, they added a new moving portrait that shows the benches, and how they move. Just a continuous loop of the bench moving around to show what the vehicles motion is like.

-Spiderman had two digital projectors installed, my guess as a bench test for the upcoming rehab. They look great, and will look better with updated animation.

-They are cracking down on glasses theft at Spiderman, they added a ton of more bins, and a loud "GOOD WORK TEAM, PLEASE DEPOSIT YOU'RE SAFETY GLASSES IN THE BINS" announcement in the exit hall. It's slightly patronizing and hilarious.

Good work team! Now on to the pictures!

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