Sunday, January 30, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.24- The Magic, The Memories, The Goings Ons

Hey everyone, long time no Update! Let's do this thing, the way we do it!


-Crowds were light and fruity, fresh and tootie.

-The....What's it called again? The....Whatever it's called Memories celebration is ongoing.

-I don't remember, I don't recall. I have no memories, of anything at all!

-The majority of cool TRON merch is gone, sold out, or just plain vanished most everywhere except for a handful of diecasts, lightcycles, and books. It must have sold well because there's no overstock, but I guess not well enough to warrant keeping an abundance of stock.

-Tigger's Bounce Zone Area was closed, but this did not keep kids from sneaking in, and getting evicted when Cast Members found out.

-Mansion's turnstyles are all gone in preparation for the Mansion Queue's New Groove.

-40th Merch is pretty good, and most everywhere.

-Listen to the Land, we all love. Nature's plan will shine above.

-Hats were most certainly there on the Hat Pirate.

-Big Thunder was running alot of trains.

-And the Railroad was running few trains, really fast...

-What does it mean?

-Tiki Room was maximum closed.


-The weather was beautiful.

-The Magic, The Memories, and You has respectively Started, Happened, and Is.

-It's a very cool show, and I like it, but it's clear it needs to be part of an actual show instead of a kind-of-weird-proto-show. After it ended, in a PACKED hub, there was virtually no applause whatsoever. I mean NOTHING. I went to clap...but there was no clapping. It's like nobody really knew just quite what they saw, or why they waited for it. It's like they were kind of just waiting for Wishes, and that show happened to run while they were waiting. I'm not saying this as an observation that they didn't like it, it just seemed to inspire very little excitement. It was really bizarre.

-I think the banner thing at the station also looks very good.

OK, that's about it. On to the Visual Accouterments!

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