Monday, February 21, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.25- Forever February

Heyo everybody! How's it going? Feeling fine and ready for Updatetime? Well click on, McDuff!


-Crowds light to Medium

-I had heard everything in Countdown was working, this was wrong. The entry laser and fog was working, but all the usual stuff +the entry doors were still SBNO

-Just to get it out the way, Yeti A-show, Vulture, Steam, New Roof Mist, and Waterfall B all no-show.

-Much worse than that, they were running Five Trains which cascades the ride in the worst way.

-However, the ride is still awesome and everyone still applauds after the ride. And not in the fake, getting-people-to-applaud-themselves way like in ROTM.

-Save the Turtles

-Animal Kingdom is such a great park.

-So the Trek thing is as bad as I thought it would be. Added lots of bulky railings and trails everywhere, and generally makes those areas look less wild than they should. Overall I can't say it's as detracting from the ride as the cut-out spiel and ending, as that is much worse, but is still annoying enough to tick off us Animal Kingdom purists.

-It would have made me more mad had the Safari not been so awesome. The parade was going on, so there was basically no trucks on the line. Meaning we could stop and watch the animals, and take our time. It was a really good one. Plus, the driver said "Poli Poli...Very slowly." over the collapsing bridge. Great driver.

-New sign at Tamu Tamu

-That's pretty much Itu Itu


-The SSE legs aren't matching and it's blatant bad show that offends and confuses everyone entering the park, and is emblematic of the company's problem.

-HA HAHAHA! Ohhh, I'm just kidding. Who talks like that? Yeah, no...It's really not that big of a deal and nobody even notices. It took me awhile to notice, and even then I didn't really care. It'll probably get re-painted or something in the next few weeks.

-Flower and Garden must be starting soon, as there is an increasing amount of Flowers and Gardens.

-Crowds were light, and the full moon was beautiful.

-I'll be there, waiting under the Cherry Blossoms

-Mission Space is still fun.

-Mission Space Cargo Bay is still the BEST store for TRON at WDW. While other stores only have a display-full of leftover merch, Cargo Bay had been freshly stocked with brand new items (And I mean brand new. I cleared them out of a super rare new item, the Rinzler variant of the basic flyable disc.) They also had a new DisneyParks TRON shirt and hat, as well as some of the classic TRON merch. I think they could be testing how well the TRON merch sells in a high-traffic thrill ride gift shop, but it may just be that it sold the best in that location, so they are making Cargo Bay the premiere spot for TRON. Either way, check it out.

-Spaceship Earth still goes round and round, up then down & out.


OK, that's about it...On to the Picturefest!

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