Saturday, December 4, 2010

EpcotServo's Updates #2.23- An EPCOT by any other name

Hey everyone, and welcome to another Update! It's December now, so let's talk a day-long walk and see what pictures it brings us! But first, the speechofacts.


-Crowds medium. Never seemed to get really crowded, lines pretty short as well.

-It's Christmas at EPCOT, and it still doesn't feel like it without the Lights of Winter.

-ImageWorks is no longer really a thing

-Japan has new Totoro plates, for the well-to-do animation eater in you.

-Candlelight is back, and got to see Corbin Bernson of Pysch fame. (From afar of course, would never wait in giant lines for Candlelight. Same show, so I'm ok with just passing it, maybe stopping for a song or two. Does that make me a bad person?)


-There is a new EPCOT Shirt, with Spaceship Earth at sunset and says "The Dawn of a new Disney Era." like on the old promo books we all have.

-Lots of Drunken guys be annoying as always.

-You're gonna' want to watch those force fields

-Soarin' is still fun.

-Mission SPACE has the best assortment of TRON Legacy goods I've seen on property. Pretty much all the Spinmaster toys, Disney's own hoodie and T-Shirt, Kid's pajamas, the Hurley shirts, New Era hats, and the Adidas lightcycle jacket.

-Which I now have.

-And is awesome.

-Still, this begs the question that if MOUSEGEAR has nothing TRON, why on earth is Mission Space so on the ball?

-The new silver railings are all around the Fountain of Nations.

-Both of those things I forgot to get pictures of.

-Sorry. m(_ _)m

OK, that's about all for talking...Now for visualizing!


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