Monday, November 15, 2010

EpcotServo's Updates #22- Hetalia World Showcase Powers

Hey there everybody! Went to the park of EPCOT last night, and here is yon photographic results! But alas, first the wordages!


-Christmas is here, but Lights and Winter are not.

-Crowds are mild to heavy. With extra zesty sauce.

-Haven't been there since the new Cantina was open. Didn't see any aliens playing funky music when I walked past. F-

-There are pavilions representing different countries.

-Captain Eo is still Here-E-O

-Saw the Duffys. Duffies. Duffi. Didn't go near the meet-n-greet or shop though.

-MouseGear has rehab walls, but no TRON.

-Food and Wine festival was closing, it looked to have many foods and wines.

-It's called "Inception".

-Weather was good.

-And the band played on.

OK, that's about it. Now on to the Picturescene!


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