Thursday, November 4, 2010

EpcotServo's Updates #21- Return to Studios

Hey there teen gang! Some Studios stuff to return too, so let's do just that!


-Crowds were medium to heavy due to ultra-stink Fantasmic! Nights.

-Rain was rainy, clouds cloudy

-One Man's Dream remained closed all morning but opened mid-afternoon. Not much is different, but there is new signage, painting, carpets, and some new sights to see.

-RNR was open and seemed fine. Some new gates at the Unload area that can kind of seal off the unload area between arriving trains. They were all open, so I'm not sure if they are or will be automatic or not.

-Pixar Place has a few new PIXAR shirts and hoodies.

-Yes, that is pretty much it.

-How many podcasts have to cover this kind of news again?

-Saw one or two of the trams had their Disneyland style doors installed.

Ok, that's all for the words part. Now to use all the other parts of the Update!


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