Tuesday, August 3, 2010

EpcotServo's Updates #11- Streets Ahead

Hey everyone, now is the time for Update! Shall we dance?


-Crowds Medium to Heavy. Mostly heavy, packed, and uncomfortable...

-It was Extra Magic Hours, explaining the above.

-Some new Everest shirts, nothing TOO fantastic. But the awesome red jacket is back, meaning fall is on it's way!

-Everest Effects rundown: Steam was working, Waterfall A working, Vulture Working. New mist, waterfall B, and Yeti all SBNO.

-Did I mention it was hot and crowded?


-Crowds medium to light.

-Last Tour to Endor is on the billboard out front.

-The New Midway Mania additions are great! Unfortunately the projectors for the new game were wonky, but it was still pretty great and I'll see it again this weekend. I love the addition of Trixie and Buttercup!

-Getting sadder and sadder riding Star Tours and knowing it's going away.

-Muppets still looks great. All three balcony arrows were working, as were the fireworks and fog. Only thing missing is still the burning rubber.

-So this was my first ride on the new Tower event...and what can I say? It's Nightastic! Meaning it isn't that great. Things I like: Green lights in the shaft, lighting going off in the boiler room. Things I didn't like: The elimination of the signature "Tower of Terror" line, the whole fifth dimension curtain overlay, and the continual showing of your picture.


Things that were just alright: The Drop Profile. It was alright. Nice if they add it to the existing 4. It's nice temporary, but they need to just do the new photo effect in the giant eye that's in the 5th Dimension...not just cover it in curtains.

-Didn't see anything Nightastic! as the sun did not set before the park closed.

OK, that's it! Enjoy the pictures!


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