Monday, August 9, 2010

EpcotServo's Updates #12= Endless 8

Got another Update from the DISTANT past...of...LAST FRIDAYYYY! OoOooOOOoooOOO! Got TONS to get to, so let's. Get to it, that is.


-Crowds Medium.

-Quorra TRON LEGACY billboard up by Pixar Place. Sam Flynn also has one along the Tram route in the parking lot.

-Muppets still looks great!

-Played the new Midway Mania game with a clearer projection, it's a blast!


-Crowds medium to light.

-Eo is still great. Caught it at an off time, so there wasn't very many people in it, but unlike HISTA those in attendance applauded and cheered for the show. Favorite moment was seeing a child wave goodbye to Fuzzball at the end. I really think the younger set isn't as jaded and cynical about the show as the internet is, and actually genuinely enjoy it.

-Saw more than a few people wearing Eo shirts, and there's a new magnet and keychain with the poster on it.

-Mexico restaurant is coming along.

-Yes, have some.

-Via Napoli interior is nice. Didn't eat there, Didn't really care, but took a few pictures to enjoy.

-The new Japan exhibit is really cool, and seems to be WAY more popular than the photography one. Had to move aside MANY times whilst taking pictures so kids could see what was in the displays. Plus lots of Adults enjoying it too, and not in a snarky way. I have a few qualms with wording and such, but as an Anime and Japanese Legend fan, It's a pretty fair mix of both and appeals to a general audience without talking down to them.

That's about it, ENJOY!

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