Friday, July 2, 2010

EpcotServo's Updates #10: EO No You Didn't!

Hey everyone, time for an extra-Captain Eo-Updatetime! Lots to get to, so let's all put on our flame-proof-Moonwalk suits and return to The Updates! Everyone, Let's do our best!


-So the park opened promptly at 8:45 strictly for people going to the opening of Captain Eo. Ok...So ALOT of people ignored the "Only people going to see Captain Eo" part and kept walking straight to Soarin'. Silly tourists!

-They've cleaned up the Magic Eye Theater entrance and added a Captain Eo Marquee that should make any passing tourist take notice and head in. Nice!

-They weren't running Fastpass for everyone, but they are ready to use it on crowded days.

-The lobby is mostly the same as it's been since 82, with new carpet and nice Eo signage.

-Here is where they had a ribbon set up across the photocell area, and soon had the area filled with Guests, Cast Members, and all kinds of Disneytypes. The ambassadors were there, and along with Mickey the VP of Epcot welcomed us back to Captain Eo. The best part was that they had it flanked with original Opening Crew for the show, and it was a really cool melting pot of Eo fans excited for the Epcot return.

-Interestingly noted, Kodak isn't mentioned not a wink in the entire attraction. Weird...

-The show is great! The lighting really shines in ours, and I encourage you to sit in the middle front to be immersed in the show, but to watch it again from the back to see how they illuminated every scene with LED spotlights that are a fry cry more amazing than any lighting in the original. The only real missing effect is the stars behind the screen, but they make up for it in projections. Again, the lighting immerses you in the show in a way no YouTube video can. Gold flashes over one section of the theater when he flashes the shirt, and energy ripples from the back to front at the transformation. And fans of the starball will note they used a starball-like lighting effect from Hista to cast "Moving Starlight" at the end of the transformation. Works for me!

Also, the sound is fantastic. You'll hear every bit crystal clear, and deeply booming. And so sue me, the moving floor is just awesome! Once more, using HISTA effects better than HISTA used, sneezes and "whips" included.

Go see it.

That is all.

-New Retro Shirts are in. Get em' while they're...retro?

-Crowds Medium to Heavy.

-Toy Story 3 was a great movie.

-New Exhibit moving into Japan. Again. See pictures for Color Commentary.

-Awkward will now be defined as the "Deep-Sea Oil Rig scene in Universe of Energy"

-I'm getting really tired of writing all this.

-Eo is not on the maps, but is on the time guides.

-I'm sure lots of other things happened today.

Ok, that's about it. ENJOY! (^^; )

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