Saturday, April 24, 2010

EpcotServo's Interim Update #7- Pirates of the Très Bien

Hey everybody! Been a long time since an update. Where was I you ask? Good question. I was stuck in the Black Hole with a Robot that sounded like a hick. After dismantling it with extreme prejudice, I found myself back in the parks. And if you stop asking so many questions, I might just dedicate this next update to ya'll!

....and we so dedicate.


-Crowds were light. No Fantasmic, and crowds are manageable.

-The Strat' is Under Tarps in front of Coaster.

-Tower still has scratchy and generally funky audio.

-Animation is all decked out for Toy Story 3. Including a nice new sign breaking down just what kind of art they have displayed.

-Rapunzel's signs in Animation have been updated to fit with the new Hip-Hop-Urban-Suburban name- "Tangled"

-Muppets' wait time sign has been changed from a stand alone pole, to attached right to the building closer to the entrance.

-Lots of effects and audio iffy at Muppets-Typical of an attraction about to go down for a period of time.


-Crowds were medium.

-Flower and Garden this year features flowers, as well as gardens.

-Do they have enough playgrounds?

-Off Kilter was "really on" that night, IMHO.

-Yakitori House is Yummy

-The trees on the right side of Mexico are desolated. Was this the freeze, or just cutting back?

-Tronorail looks great, and as one train, is surprisingly hard to find. You don't see it very often. And when you do, it looks shiny.


-Crowds heavy to light.

-Got stuck on the peoplemover for a good twenty minutes. But it was REALLY crowded before the parade and got to watch the sun go down over the hub, so no complaints.

-Except for one complaint: Too many Teenagers in the park. Calm down and talk quietly, ya' noisy teeners.

-Space Mountain was down for awhile too. Not surprising, it still looks pretty beat up on the outside AND the inside. (Especially the star projectors. They still look lousy.)

-Walls are all up around the back half of Fantasyland.

-Hatless pirate is hatless once again. It must be cold without all his cold...

OK, that's all for that then. On to this now!


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