Saturday, February 6, 2010

EpcotServo's Interim Update #6- Ten in 2010

Are you there Internet? It's me, Servo.

Oh, hey! Didn't see you come in! Well, looks like everything's still stuck in Update limbo. A Limbo lower than as low as a Limbo stick gets. But let's cut the limbo and get straight to the rumba with another interim Update! LET'S GO!


-Crowds were crazy because it was a Fantasmic night.

-Some cool new "Since 89" Studios merch with Tower and the hat on it.

-Audio was a bit off in the unload scene of Tower.

-Also one side of Tower was down, causing long lines of course.

-Coaster and Midway Mania were great as always!

-No Luxo out and about.

-Arrows on the balcony box in Muppets were working.

-Star Tours is still great. Starting to get the rehab blues!

-That is all!

-Or is it?


-Yes it is.


-very uncrowded at Epcot. Waited only like 20 minutes for Soarin', less than 10 for Test Track and Mission Space. Sum of all Thrills was a walk on!

-Speaking of which, Tom Clancy's Sum of all Thrills is still great. Seriously long air time in the crazy inversions. Really underrated ride!

-Burning Tire effect was working at Test Track, Cone effect was not. Shocking as it is though, the ABS Test review screens ARE working, and look great!

-Japan still stocked with great stuff. They've added the english DVDs of the Ghibli films, for those unbeknowst the greatness of these films can buy them.

-Nothing new to report on the Spaceship Earth.

-Curtains in Theater B of Energy still MIA.

-Weather was cool and, good times were had!

Ok, that's about it!


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