Monday, December 21, 2009

EpcotServo's Interim Updates #5- The Sound of Walking in Winter

MMEEERRRRRRYYYYY Hollandaise Everyone! Time for the final Interim Update of the year, as the Interim Updates season will resume again after the New Year, with a BRAND NEW UPDATEPAGE even! Maybe. You know the standards of this show. Alright, let's get to Epcot again for some merriment before the new year!

And Listen to the Gospel people and be JOYFUL darn it!


-Rode Sum of All Thrills again, this time got all four maneuvers in! Went upside down four times with a thrill rating in the thousands. So much fun!

-REALLY Crowded.

-Was happy to see Japan packed with Holiday shoppers. The Studio Ghibli stuff is really generating lots of excitement! (Ok, a few stupid "Look at the Disney Anime!" ditzes, but that'll happen.) And a lot of people recognizing Totoro and Ponyo.

-Candlelight was packed. The Dinner Packages don't help of course, the line just for them was back to Morocco at one point.

-Hey! I see you over there thinking about opening your presents early! Yeahhh...You just get back here. Nice try Admiral Perry.

-Did I mention the Crowds?

-Didn't look like any tree lights were missing.

-Here's a Christmas Fun Maze for Holiday fun! Can you help Santa get the Healthcare bill to Epcot before Xmas? Watch out for Trouble along the way!

-The fake boxes are hilarious.

-Show doors into the finale scene of Imagination weren't working.

-There are Two Pictures of Canada in this Update. I do not know why.

Ok, On to the Pictures!


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