Saturday, December 19, 2009

EpcotServo's Interim Updates #4- Up In The Air

Hey everybody! Time for another Interim Update-Comin'atcha like some kind of middling one-off update that it is! Comin'atcha! Think fast!


-Medium to Heavy Crowds.

-I really wasn't paying attention.

-That's about it.

-Um, yeah. Ask Again Later.

-Oh yeah, one thing: Cinderella was meet and greeting out in Future World. I grumped about that for a few minutes then moved on.

-Ok, now you can go.


-Heavy Crowds as well.

-Steam, and Vulture both working again.

-Again, that's about it.

-There are only 4 more Jesus-approved Shopping days until Christmas

-What'da get me?


-No, it's alright.


-Oh, yeah. No. I'm just killin' time cause I didn't spend that much time there.

-Happy Holidays!


-Wait for it...


-You're not gonna' make it! You're not gonna' make it!



OK, on to the Pictures!


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