Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EpcotServo's Interim Updates #3 - Three is a Magic Number

Hey there everyone!

It's been too long.

Way too long.

Long, empty, updateless days.



-So Space Mountain was more than a little disappointing, even with low expectations. The ride itself is just still so rough and undramatic it really overshadows the positive changes at Load. It's just...Dissapointing. The outside still looks awful, the Photo Op is laughable (I loved my first photo in which I was facing the black dirty wall it's pointed at and pointing at the electrical wiring and patchy paint blots. )

Just disappointing. The whole thing.

-Mansion looked great.

-Same with Big Thunder.

-Pirate hats still missing, still sad

-I really don't get the hub bub about the Peoplemover narration. I thought it was fine, hardly anything to get worked up over. The Space Mountain part is disappointing though too. Not cause you can't see load or the rockets, but because they don't have half the stars of Disneyland and no cool projections or lighting to look at. Disneyland's looks like vast space, ours still just looks like a dark room.


-Sum of all thrills was GREAT! I loved it. It was a hoot! The inversions were amazing and the ride smooth and thrilling. Only wish you got more time to design the ride. Other than that, I can't WAIT to do it some more. Too much fun. Also look for a wind up toy GORT from Day the Earth Stood Still on one of the too-awesome Microsoft Surface tables!

-Mexico had some really cool Day of the Dead shirts and assorted merch. Dio De Los Muertos!

-Mitsukoshi has finally returned to old quality practices, by stocking not just mainstream American Made merchindise, to returning to ACTUAL Imported goods from more recent and obscure things! Gundam, Evangelion, and an entire section of Ghibli. Makes me wonder if maybe John Lasseter stoped by and wanted more Totoro?

-Also have I have been reporting SOS Brigade related news, Haruhism goods have been selling VERY well, so much so, that they are now selling an excellent and brand new Haruhi T-Shirt! Another huge step up and a clear sign that the SOS Brigade WDW Divison will invade Disney because it's no doubt a source of Aliens, Time Travel, and ESPers.

-New Japan Photography exhbit is pretty cool.

-Whoopi Goldburg is doing Candlelight this year? Wow. Hey, this was just news to me.

-The Christmas tree without the stage or Lights of Winter is very sad and pathetic.


-Hopper was not working on It's Tough to Be a Bug. Don't knock B-Show, I'd rather have a B show than none at all. Case in point, Hopper.

-Speaking of which, Yeti was in B, No Vulture, No steam (As I reported, It shouldn't have been steaming the way it was...) but the new Broken Trestle misters were working, and looked REALLY cool at night.

-As I was really read the riot act about when I first reported this, but they were running the Five Train Profile, and it's defintly the worst thing to happen to Everest. Not only does it ruin the show timing by cascading all the time, those of us in the know don't feel too comfortable hearing the track switch just a few seconds before the train clears Lift B. STOP RUNNING FIVE TRAINS DISNEY.

-Countdown, aside from being empty and the usual stuff not working, had the running Carnotaurus and all the smoke effects working. Neato!

-I love the tacky Dino Christamas lights in Dinoland.

-Animal Kingdom looks so great at night. Nuff' Said.

Ok, On to the pictures!


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