Saturday, November 7, 2009

EpcotServo's Interim Updates #2- Remember Remember the Fifth of November

Hey everybody, It's time for the chilling second installment of our continuing stooooooOOOORRRyyy of the Interim Updates! Yes, like the half dead zombies between the Grey zone of life and death, let's shamble our way back into the Parks for some Fun times!

Oh, and the Weather was cool.

...But it's going to get hot again.

Also there's a storm out in the gulf... there.


-Crowds were light in the first hour, then quickly became very crowded soon after.

-So good news, Not all of the GOOD Muppet Posters are down. This is a huge relief.

However, the new posters are just as horrible in person. Pirates is alright, but the rest are just plain awful and feel out of place. It's squeaky clean dry humor in a queue that's brimming with rich subversive comedy that doesn't pander to only one audience. I've photographed the heck out of the remaining posters in case they too fall victim to the new posters, but I'm confident they'll stay.

-No new or good Star Tours merch. All just Jedi Academy and Clone Wars stuff. I'm really hoping that they celebrate the final year of one of the best attractions in Disney history in style.

In short, more orange, blue, rex, and Starspeeders. Collectable stuff too, retro and modern.

Less Jedi Training Academy junk.

-Tower and Coaster both still great.

-Midway Mania looked fine, it's been mentioned, but they've recogfigured the Tin Toy book at the exit, and it works much better. Now they see the door and head straight for it-Less clumping up the unload.

-Muppets Fountain was walled one day, back to usual the next.

-Spectacle Of Lights Preview was a blast, and the lights are great this year. They've added and tucked away some cool secrets, look for them!

-Speaking of Xmas, this is a tip off to all Tower fans, there's a Hallmark Ornament in Hallmark stores of an Old TV with the lenticular Twilight Zone opening, and it plays TV static followed by the opening. It's like the Tower of Terror ornament.


-Everything looked great, no noticeable thingsthatneedfixin'.

-Crowds were light.

-Everest's Steam was working well, and the vulture was working. Yeti was in B-Show however.

Alright, that's about it. Now on to many many many pictures!


Anime smile

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