Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EpcotServo's Interim Updates - #1: Get Back

Hey there everyone! You know how in between The big first and second seasons of TV shows, they'll do a few "in between" Episodes to bridge the gap of what happens after the last episode of the last season and the first episode of the next season for an indefinite period of time until they can start airing Season 2?

Don't you hate it when they do that, and just wish they'd work harder to get Season 2 started quicker?


Anyways, since it'll be awhile before the next season of Updates, and I can't be out of Theme parks for too long (Court Order) Let's take a visit to EPCOT!


-So as you've been informed by the actually informative updates by one Mr. Epcot, They've painted the Inner Legs of Spaceship Earth Blue, adding "Blueberry Blue" to Epcot's growing collection of cereal Flavor/Colors.

-Railings! They are shiny! And cool!

-Fountain of Nations was working fine.

-Food and Whine has started, meaning Wonders of life, Park Decorations, and best of all Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

-The faceomatron wasn't working right, and it wasn't taking pictures at the right rate. As someone who likes the new ending, it's totally a ripoff.

OK, on to the Pictures!



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