Monday, August 31, 2009

EpcotServo's 100th UPDATE: Ask DNA

Hey there everyone, and welcome to the 100th, and last Update for awhile! In honor of the occasion, the trip was made to Magic Kingdom, where it all started! Rain, Walk-Ons, and even fireworks made a great visit with some great pictures, so let's get right too it!


-Crowds were medium to light, walked on everything due to spectromagic and wishes.

-Moychandise! Haunted Mansion and Main street Cinema have some of Disneyland's Mansion 40th SHAG stuff. Shirt, bowling shirt, Postcards, Glasses etc. The glasses are my favorite, as each one has a different Mansion portrait in the classic Shag style. Got one with my Birthday Card. Yay for Disneyland Moychandise! The rest I spent on an awesome "Discover the land of Adventure!" Adventureland shirt. Retro Tikis on the back very much in the Tiki polynesian 70's stylings of early WDW. Great stuff! They also have a retro Frontierland and Jungle Cruise shirt, but I didn't care much for the fabric/colors.

-Splash Mountain! Haven't been on this on ages and it was a rare treat: EVERY EFFECT WAS WORKING. This has never happened except for this night for me. Everything! Even hopping Brer Rabbit and all the projections!

-PeopleMover Lights are indeed color changing, and here is my video of said shenanigans...


-Halloween Decorations are going up all over Main Street.

-Saw wishes from between the two launch sites in Fantasyland. That was cool!

-Hat Pirate is still hatless. How can you be so hatless!

-Like I said, it was drizzly all night, so pardon the noir-ettic raindrops on the lens in some shots.

OK, that's about it. On to the pictures.




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