Sunday, May 9, 2010

EpcotServo's Interim Update #8 - Iron May 2

Hey everyone, and welcome to another Update! Got some pictures from Friday, and now that the Iron Man is a playin', and the Mothers are a Dayin', let's check out some Studios!


-Crowds medium to light, not too bad.

-Nothing new at Midway Mania yet, save for new red lights in the track bed at Load/Unload, and Lotso at the Pixar Place Gift Shop.

-Tron, and Prince of Persia starting to get ads on the Backlot Tour.

-In a frustrating move, you can no longer just walk through the Art of Disney to get inside Animation, and have to go through a queue and around through the courtyard.

- Muppets is closed, but no walls or signs of activity out front.

-Mist was on in the Tower Queue, thank goodness. Looks great.

-No changes on Tower either. Ever gonna' get that new stuff for Nightastic?

-RNR Stratocastor still under tarps.

-All around the park met and saw TONS of great Cast Members. Studios' Cast Members are seriously the best some days.

-In a wouldn't believe had I seen it myself, there's an effect that's either new, or hasn't worked in near 20 years of going to Studios. It's on Min and Bill's, towards the bow of the ship. Every Five Minutes now, a canon like device, PITCHES out water off the side of the ship, out on the lagoon and even a little on the street. It looks like someone pitching out a bucket of water. Also on the back is a smaller fountain effect, of a hose just spraying water off the back bow. Weird.

-Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3 Merch is all over Studios. (Iron Man stuff mostly at Legends of Hollywood)

OK, on to the pictures.


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