Sunday, August 9, 2009

EpcotServo's Aug.8th DAK Update: Strangers on this Road

Blah de blahblah blahhblh blah blather blah de blah blahComplain Complain JOKE, blah blah blahMORE COMPLAINING, blah blah blah blah obscure movie refrence, blah blah. OK on to the news things there!


-The Maps stand had little flyers about the Picnic in the Park thing.

-Park Crowds were medium to light, pretty crowded before the Parade, but vanished shortly after.

-Safaris was actually open until park closing (7PM). Don't see that every day!

-So while you guys like to talk Yeti (He was in B-show, with several Red Spots on him making him more visible, added for this downtime) I finally got to experience the very expensive "Added Capacity" mode for the summer I tried to warn about last summer, but was defended staunchly and it's just as bad as I thought. It may look and feel the same for guests, but I hate this "Summer" mode that let's them run 5 trains by having Lift B slow down in the second half of carrying the train up, and holding the trains at Broken Trestle and Shadow of the Yeti for a few extra seconds, ending in a forced cascade at Unload. The added capacity of one extra train really isn't worth the cascading and slightly altering the careful timing of the show. I hate it. Please turn it off immediately. When some around here were saying "Oh, it's a plus! They'll only use it in the summer!", I was right when I said that money SHOULD BE spent on getting those parts for Waterfall 2 they cannibalized to keep Waterfall 1 running. I can't wait until Winter, Everything at Everest gets fixed and runs better in Winter...

-Steam was working, though the side fan vents still aren't. See above.

-In Good Himalayan Escapes news though, some of the strands of Prayer Flags that had been taking a beating at Broken Trestle have been replaced. Thanks!

-Wait at Countdown actually said "0 Minutes." Nice! (Course, it wasn't. It actually was quite longer than usual, maybe 15 minutes.)

-Rode in the newly added back row of Kilimanjaro Safaris. You get wicked air time on that thing!

-Safaris was also a walk on at 6. Love it!

Alright, on to the pictures!


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