Friday, August 21, 2009

EpcotServo's Aug.20th STUDIOS Update: Inglourious Passholders

Hey there everyone! Before we get down to the business I'd like to make a note that after the very very special 100th Update (Coming this upcoming week) I'm afraid there will be a Hiatus for a period of time as my pass expires and I have to begin slave labor for the Disney corporation in the near feature. Hopefully I'll have a few special updates then be back up and running with weekly constant Updates in the later part of October and for the rest of the year. Alright, now let's get right to the cheeze!


-It's surprisingly more crowded than usual, I think all those deals and coupon "Parade Of Savings" attitude is doing Disney well.

-Audio on Tower was skippy and patchy and the Star Doors WERE NOT WORKING on the Side I went on. A Maintenance worker was around though, so I think they were aware of the problems.

-Everything on Midway Mania was working fine as usual, good to see things holding up.

-Luxo is still resting, though I think he'll be back out and about sooner rather than later at this point thankfully.

-Saw some Tenth Anniversary Pin Trading stuff for sale, if that's what you're in too.

OK that's about it. On to the pictures!


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